Steps for buying a memory foam mattress

     If you are looking for a good memory foam mattress in order to improve your own sleep, before coming mattress stores, let you learn benefits of the best memory foam mattress topper as well as how to buy the best one base on the following steps to avoid being deceived by dishonest sale staff:
     1. Make sure your body is supported right way by a foam mattress being high enough
     The best checking way is to consider its foam density. In ascending order, normally, the cheapest density of foam is from 2 to 3 lb, the average density is from 3 to 4,5 lb and the best density of foam is 4,5 lb. However, to support users right way, 5,3 lb and 6,2 lb are considered the best selections. In case you choose wrong a lighter foam, it won’t support you and obviously it will come back the original shape within a few months.
     2. Be sure the sensitive temperature of memory foam
     The sensitivity of temperature is one of the unique characteristics of memory foam. This is demonstrated through the first time laying on memory foam mattress that means your body will create a pressure so that foam is melted until your body weight is spread on the surface of foam. However, after a certain period, temperature of your body will affect foam mattress’ material which makes places of your increasing temperature go down.
     3. Read carefully warranty
     This helps you know exactly what you are required when you get issue about warranty. For example, you may be responsible for shipping and packaging. The most important thing is that you have to know how long will your manufacturer work? due to a lifetime warranty of a company which only runs in a short period like no valuable.
     4. Check with the real people
     In spite of performing many inspection times in lab without people, that is not an accurate result for all of cases. The body of human being is only thing affecting precisely to material in comparison with any test equipment.
     5. Should ask about a comfortable test time
     To determine whether or not memory foam mattress has any problems, you need to get a short period for sleeping in there. When customer tests memory foam mattress, it will be covered by a plastic layer because most of mattress companies would like to keep their products clean to can sell for other people easily. However, this will hinder you feel exactly all of its benefits. You had better also learn that if memory foam mattress doesn’t fit to you, whether or not you are refunded the entire money.
     6. Compare prices on reputable websites
     Let you type the keywords “SRF and “Slow Recovery Mattress” in the Internet to find out webs which have a detailed explanation of the differences in offered products.
     7. Choose the best memory foam mattress topper
     Most of memory foam mattresses have two or three layers with the foundation layer so you have to know advantages of the best memory foam mattress topper for selecting because it will affect longevity of mattress. If you already have a good mattress, you just purchase the extra best memory foam mattress topper.

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