Home Improvement Ideas Inside and Outside

When thinking about home improvement projects, most people think of what changes can be made inside. The outside appearance of your home is just as important.

If you are planning to sell your home, the walk to the front door can be a comforting feel or a definite thumbs-down. When making a list of changes to improve your home, you should include your yard.

Here are a few ideas for inside and outside the home.



Like the kitchen and the living room, the bedroom should give an impression of spaciousness. Make sure closet doors are on and that they will close. If you are planning to sell, make sure the closet is neat and tidy for an open house.

The room should feel light and airy but should also be appealing for comfort and rest. Mirrors are effective in providing a feeling of spaciousness and airiness.

Make sure the room has enough electrical outlets.

If you are having an open house, make sure the children’s rooms are presentable.



The two most frequented rooms in the home are the kitchen and the bathroom.

Using fluorescent lighting instead of incandescent lighting provides a light feel to the room. Changing accessories such as towel racks, shower fixtures, shower curtains will enhance the room.

If you have a problem with your bathtub, you may want to consider resurfacing. You can find specialists on the Internet or in your community.



If you want to attract buyers, your front yard and the path leading to your front door should be clean and clutter-free. Shrubs and flower areas that are well-tended along with grass that is kept trimmed are appealing as the buyer enters your home.

If you like to garden, mature trees along with various beds of flowers make the yard attractive. Mature trees that are taken care of can add value to the home.

If you have a deck or patio in your back yard or off the side of your home, make sure that there are no hazards when people walk on it. If it is concrete, you want to make sure there are no cracks or uneven pieces. Composite decks require little upkeep. They do not tend to warp or discolor as wooden decks.

Wood decks are beautiful but they do require care. They need to be stained and waterproofed each year. You should also make sure that the planks are even. You do not want visitors to trip and fall.

With a deck and/or patio, there is generally furniture for outside seating and dining. Make sure that your furniture is in good condition. Check chairs and settees that have webbing seats. You want to make sure the webbing is still tight on the frame. If you have wooden furniture, depending on the type of wood, you want to make sure you treat it, if required by the manufacturer.

Swimming pools and ponds are also features in the back yard. A stagnant pond will turn off buyers as will a swimming pool that needs repairs.



Painting can make a difference in any room of the house. In the living room and bedrooms, you will want an impression of space and airiness. Light-colored paints can create this feeling.

If you feel your house needs improvements, you may want to try some of the above ideas. You do not need to make changes all at once. Pick a project that you can do yourself and complete it. Small, cosmetic changes can make a difference in the look and feel of your home.

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