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When you’re remodeling or renovating your own home, you may not need all the weight and bulk of a 12″ miter saw. You want a saw which is easy to move around, and easy to store. The Dewalt DW712 8-1/2-inch single-bevel sliding compound miter saw may be exactly what you are looking for.

  1. While the Dewalt DW712 cannot cut through as large of a piece of wood as a 12″ miter saw, it can do the job for all of your two by fours, trim work, crown molding, and baseboards with ease. Keep in mind, this is a single bevel saw, so you will have a little more work moving your materials than a dual bevel miter saw. If you are like most home renovators, you would rather keep those extra dollars in your pocket, and have the convenience of the easy portability. When you can only work on your projects on the weekends, having the saw in the way for the rest of the week can become a big nuisance.
  2. One feature which most users find to be a real benefit is the horizontal handle. Many miter saws use a vertical handle which feel a bit awkward when pulling the blade down and through the wood. With the horizontal handle on the Dewalt DW712, your hand will feel like it is in the perfect position for the cut.
  3. Don’t mistake the smaller blade size as any indication this is a weaker saw. It still has a powerful 15amp motor and spins at 5400 rpm for great clean, fast cutting performance. You can cut up to a 3 1/2″ high baseboard standing vertically on the saw, or an 11.8″ wide baseboard lying flat. This should cover the needs of almost every home renovation project.

One important feature you will probably never need, is the 3 year warranty included on every Dewalt miter saw. It is good to know your Dewalt DW712 is going to keep working great, both through this project, and any future projects you have planned.

The Dewalt DW712 8-1/2-inch single-bevel sliding compound miter saw comes with a carbide blade, which is a great general purpose blade. For superior finish work, you will want to add a Dewalt 8.5″ finish blade for the smoothest, cleanest cuts possible. With the 50 degree left, and 60 degree right miter range, and a 0 to 48 degree bevel range you can setup for all of your finish work with precision, and make those intricate cuts consistently and flawlessly. The DW712 may be the best miter saw on the market for the normal home user.

Many home re-modelers, when they first buy a miter, don’t want to have the extra expense of buying one of the miter saw stands. You’ve probably even seen some weekend re-modelers out in their driveway, with the saw down on the concrete, making their cuts.
If their back survives the first few weekends, they may keep doing it for a long time. But most of them quickly realize how hard using a miter saw on the ground truly is, and seek a solution. Sadly, many of them move to their next strategy of saving money, and pull an old table out of storage, and try to rig up a way to use the miter saw.
DELTA 36-136 Universal Miter Saw Stand

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