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Usage of WD-40 for Sewing Machines

WD-40Honestly put, there is a lot of controversy regarding the use of WD-40 for sewing machine. Even though the risk factor is included, many people still end up using it. But it is must that if you are doing something, better do it the proper way which will yield the best results. There is right way to use WD-40 and there is also definitely a wrong way to use WD-40. The  Most common misconception is that it is sewing machine oil, which is mostly wrong. This is a solvent of some sort, which provides many useful advantages to the best sewing machine, that we will learn in this guide.

Tips to Use WD-40 for Sewing Machine:

Tip of sewing machine

  1. Usage as a Solvent: Many people have been using WD-40 for a very long time on their machines without any detrimental effect. Some use it for the first time and then end up with a frozen device. This is because it was used as a lubricant which is not its purpose. Actually, it does the job of a solvent. What it does is that it breaks down the gummy old oil extremely well. If you are incapable of removing the WD-40 afterwards, it will continue to break the oil and definitely result in freezing. You have to successfully remove the WD-40. This can be achieved by using flannel rags and an air compressor. It will remove the solvent and the gunk it dissolves. Even an air compressor can be used, but it must have good pressure, if it is to do the job properly.
  2. Removing Old Oil: Many times you would discover that someone used the wrong oil on the machine. This can be due to a certain somebody operating your machine or even a previous owner who didn’t know the best oil for the health of their product. The old oil can be effectively removed by the use of WD-40 due to its solvent nature. Just scrub on the solvent on the machine, then use any brush to wipe the machine. You can even use sandpaper which will make it easier to remove. So it can be seen that using the oil for the purpose it has been made is perfectly safe to be employed for sewing machines.
  3. Procedure: Blow out all the lint using an air compressor. Spray the gummed up area generously with WD-40. Then work with all the mechanisms until they are moving again freely. Employ an air compressor and blow out all the oil. This will surely take a while. Make sure that there are no wet spots left on the machine. Turn the wheel so that you get to all sides of the sprayed parts. Use flannel rags to clean up. Now apply the new proper oil.
  4. Precautions: A few words of precautions to keep in mind. Using this penetrating oil for the purpose it has been made is the way to go. There is no point in listening to controversies without evidence. There are some situations where use of WD-40 is not advised such as on certain industrial machines and longarm quilting machines. They have porous bearings that hold onto the WD-40 which is not proper. Some people say that using WD-40 made the matter worse. Well that is because one has to remove the oil after application. If not, then matters would certainly get worse. Also, some people say just to apply the new oil right on the old gummy one without removing it. That will make the machine much worse. That is why WD-40 exists; simply to remove the old gunk. You may take on controversies exactly how they are presented to you or you may go out, experiment and find out for yourself, the proper way.

How it will effect also depends upon the way you apply and the method you use it to manage all the cleaning work. If you are well aware of the uses, benefits and the risk factors, you will be in a better place to take the most out of it and get benefitted. Otherwise, if you have planned to use this agent, you may require a little assistance to know, how to use it in an effective manner. For more help regarding how to maintain your sewing machine read here…

What You Need for Home Improvement

If you want to improve your lifestyle, release pent-up energy, and involve the family, you can undertake a home improvement project. If you work, you want a clean, clutter-free place to relax after work. You want a place you can show off to guests on those days off.

A home improvement project can help. It will help you to improve the lifestyle of your family and working together and completing a project can instill a sense of pride.

Involve the family in determining what changes need to be made in your home. Have each person make a list. Compare the lists and then compile one list. Ask each family member for their opinion of each project to determine which one should be tackled first. Prioritize the list with each family member having a vote.

home improve 2015

After the list has been prioritized, plan the first project. You should:

  • Determine how long it will take to complete the project.
  • List the supplies you will need.
  • Approximate the cost for the project.
  • Create a budget for the project.
  • Assign specific tasks to each family member.
  • Assign a start date for the project and an end date for the project.
  • Shop for the supplies you need.
  • Sleep good the night before the project begins.
  • Have a sit-down breakfast with the family to go over the plans for the day.
  • Get to work.
  • Enjoy the results of your project.

The above list is simple but it takes a lot of thought and planning.

When determining your home improvement project, you may want to consider the following:

Make Needed Repairs

You should check your home to determine if there is damage to your electrical or plumbing systems. You should also check your roof, inside walls, ceilings, and outside structural supports. These repairs are needed to ensure the safety of your family.

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

When you are checking your home for needed repairs, look at areas where improvements can be made that will add value to your home as well as make it better for your family. Check your windows, lighting, and insulation. Adding renewable energy sources such as solar panels, wind turbines or wood burning stoves can reduce your energy bills.

Make Improvements to Increase the Value of your Home

When the housing market slows down and you can afford to make improvements, you should. When the market goes up, you may be able to capitalize more on the improvements you made if you sell. There are several things you can do to maximize value.

If your home does not have a fireplace, you can consider adding one. Fireplaces give a home a warm, cozy feeling. If you have a nice size yard, consider adding a patio or deck. Outdoor living spaces provide opportunities to engage in activities with your immediate family, extended family, and friends.

Remodeling or adding a bathroom and remodeling a kitchen add value to a home. These are the most frequented places in the home. If you are planning to sell your home, these can be “wow” spaces when buyers come for an open house.

Room additions also add value because they make the house more spacious. If you are considering a room addition, make sure it fits with the design of your home as well as the other homes in your neighborhood. You do not want your house to stick out like a “sore thumb” or that the room was just added with no thought. This affects the overall  appearance of your home. These types of changes take a lot of thought. Make sure that your redesign efforts are a fit for your home.

You may want to retain the services of a home inspector to go over your house thoroughly. The report will tell you what work should be done on the house. You may only need to make a few cosmetic changes.

Family members are generally not involved in structural projects. You may want to seek advice from professionals to determine what it will take to repair these items. You will want to get estimates and/or bids and create a budget for the work to be done. You should also establish a timeline for each item to be repaired.

If repairs are needed that do not require a professional and you are comfortable making them, you can save money. For example, you may plaster small cracks and the family can be involved in redecorating the room such as choosing a new paint color or wall covering or other furnishings and accessories.

Home improvement projects can be tedious and stressful. If the entire family is involved in a project that gives them a sense of pride, the hard work is well worth it.